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Apr. 5th, 2011

Luneth (FFIII) - Hero

Support our race to end MS!

Also, shameless plug.

I'm riding in the BP MS 150 in two weeks. This is a charity bike ride from Houston to Austin (about 180 miles) over the course of two days. The team is made up of 12 Jones High School students and 3 awesome Social Studies teachers. If you have a few bucks or even a few quarters to spare, please donate and support our team -- Each team is responsible to raise some money for the National MS Society, and sadly most of our students will not be able to meet the goal.

Here is a link, or you can look at my facebook if we are facebook friends. :)
Luneth (FFIII) - Hero

(no subject)

So far my plan to reflect upon my cooking moods is working nicely. See, I've been awful about cooking this year. Either I have no time, or I'm tired, or I'm upset, or just busy being a failure at adulthood. So this week I've decided to think about my tendencies every night, because despite different times getting home and unexpected meetings, I tend to feel the same on a given weeknight. So here it is thus far:

Monday: Since I go to the gym usually, I try to leave school before 5. This gives me enough time to run to the store quickly. Also, since I spend so much time getting my ass kicked by a professional, I shouldn't fuck it up by eating junky quick food. But it's also a Monday, so usually I'm on edge thanks to crazy children and general Monday craziness.

Conclusion: Buy hummus, a shit ton of veggies, and have an awesome salad. Little prep, healthy, and no cooking required.

Tuesday: I usually get home late on Tuesdays because I'm tutoring AP kids after school or running TAKS tutorials, so I'm generally rolling in after 6. I'm usually still drained from Monday, behind on my grading, scrambling to get lesson stuff together, and therefore in no state to cook anything complicated. Also, I'm generally running low on food.

Conclusion: This would be a good night to hit up a healthier "fast food" joint, but due to the late time I get home it isn't practical. Soooo sandwich/cooking eggs/making pasta? All relatively simple meals with little to no cooking and made with stuff I always have on hand.

Now let us see how the rest of the week goes...

Dec. 21st, 2010

Me - be my escape

(no subject)

Being home is always good, even if my thoughts won't let me rest.

I have a lot I need to figure out over the next few weeks.

Aug. 18th, 2010

Broken - NR

Two more days till the end of my first week.


I'll write more when I start sleeping and eating again.

May. 28th, 2010

Broken - NR

(no subject)

Good news: I was invited to take part in the first round of interviews of Houston ISD

Bad news: I have to teach a five minute sample lesson in my content area.

... I just got the news and am still trying to wrap my my mind around what the hell I could possibly teach and assess in less than five minutes in my field... D:

May. 5th, 2010

Kethaniya (NWN) - Who you are

Job search, what else is new?

The job search creeps along...

My productivity has slowed due to my general mental state (Very Negative), and my new approach to the dreaded cover letter. In order to combat my main weaknesses (wordiness and not enough of my own voice) I've started writing individual cover letters for every position. I find myself still repeating a lot, but most schools are looking for the same type of candidate, so that isn't a surprise. Still, there has been some improvement overall, so I'll deal with the delay it causes.

The good news is I have an interview tomorrow. Locally, no less. Bryan ISD has an alternative high school that called me right after I sent my application online. The not-so-good news is that this is an alternative high school that I may not be ready to handle. Oh well, I'll let the interviewers be the judge. Based on my research I'm guessing the school is on par with Hearne, only using a different system for students who had trouble in the normal high school system. So we'll see what happens after they make a decision? No need to question myself over my ability if I don't get a job offer.

I've also had letters from two other schools, Tidehaven ISD and River Valley SD in Wisconsin. Haven't heard about an interview yet, but both took the time to send me additional paperwork and information on the positions. I'll take what I can get, considering last year I didn't get anything except from Livingston.

So overall the job search is going better compared to last year. Not sure why I'm so negative about it though. Guess I'm just primed to expect the worst?

Just finished an application for an AWESOME charter school in Philadelphia. It looks like such a fantastic program and I would be more than happy to go back to Philly. I miss the East Coast like crazy.

Alright, enough job blather. Life otherwise has been good. It seems like all I do is work or job applications, so I haven't improved on making my life more interesting. My parents can't find my clarinet, which is such a downer. I also haven't gone to the UU choir because I keep forgetting about rehearsal. Oops? At least Amanda is coming to visit this weekend, which will rock hardcore! And other people have hinted at the possibility of visiting us here in Texas, which would be fantastic. I need reasons to go to Houston or Austin.

I haven't seriously started studying for the GREs yet, which is fine. I haven't signed up for it either. The TExES (Texas teaching test) is going to be an issue sooner rather than later, so I need to get on that. Not worried about the content test except for the Texas History part (Why do you have to be so full of yourself, Texas?), but a pedagogy test is another story. Two of them, no less... Next time I'm home I'll have to collect a few textbooks and old notes from education classes.

And that's about it for now. Freaking out that it is already May, and almost my birthday. Did I really graduate almost a year ago? What the heck have I been doing with me life? So strange.

Apr. 18th, 2010

Don't tell me what you find out


Called my parents and asked them to mail my clarinet out to Texas.

One step in the right direction of happiness. :)

Real post coming soon, I swear. I even wrote it out on a piece of paper at work.

Mar. 31st, 2010

Howse - Cancer, lol

(no subject)

Oh hi end of March. When did you happen?

One of these days I'll post. I don't have much else to do.

Feb. 22nd, 2010

Broken - NR

Didn't get the Hearne job.

I'm getting sick of this endlessly frustrating job search...

Feb. 15th, 2010

Zero (RMX) - my brain hurts

(no subject)

Still waiting to hear from Hearne, which is has me on edge. Supposedly they are making the decision by Thursday and I was their first interviewee, so I've had a lot of time to wait. Here's to hoping for good news.

Had an awesome Valentine's Day in Austin. Definitely a neat place here in Tejas. I cannot wait to go back and explore some more (especially when the weather gets a little nicer).

Next we're heading to Louisiana to do this Mardi Gras thing tomorrow evening. And see some awesome people. :)

In lesser exciting news, the apartment is exploding. One day it's water leaking through the bedroom ceiling, and today it's sparks and burning smells in the vents. I may or may not have ran out of the apartment to the office scared shitless because sparks aren't supposed to come flying out of a ceiling panel... Someone's coming to look at it, but I'm still a little freaked out. Especially because if something had caught fire while we were gone, our smoke detector would not have gone off because we rip out the battery every time we cook. -.- So no more of that.

Anyway, boring post is boring. I'll post again once I hear about the job. Can't guarentee what kind of post it will be, but expect something extreme in either direction.

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